Sunday, December 26, 2010

My last outing of the year in the Red car, best I managed was a 7.56 @ 92 mph.
Barona, CA November 2010

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Loaded and ready for Drag Day @ Irwindale
Testing, ready for tomorrow.   :o)
The new 2332cc engine waiting to go in the car.
The CB Wedgeports off the old engine were reused on this engine, as I intend to run the CB Performance Pro-Gas class next year, as well as other classes.
We have tried to build the car with several classes in mind, but I will be running T1 at Drag Day this weekend.
Stock seats were far too bouncy, so while the cage was going in at Welding Werks the new seat was mounted, there will be 2,don't forget, this will also be a street car.

After one race with the original Empi 5's, the wheels were changed for original Gas-Burners.
The second race meeting with this car I managed an 8.18 (1/8 miles track), which is approximately 12.70 (1/4 miles track)
Not too shabby for something we new very little about.
But I had plans for this car, and new the way forward was another engine and a cage!!!!!

After selling 'The Sting' in Sept 2009, this is what I replaced it with.
A 1961 Rag-top Beetle.
I raced this car 2 days after it arrived, at Hot VW's Drag Day in Irwindale.

This is my 1959 Bug, this is my daily, a really fun drive.

My beautiful Razor Edge Ghia, which I had built back in 2003 by The Paintbox.
The Pagan Princess has won numerous trophies in the UK, I shipped her to California at the beggining of 2010 to enjoy some more VW events with her.
So far she has won trophies at VW Classic, Bug-o-rama Sacremento, Bug-o-rama Las Vegas
 and Bug-o-rama SoCal.
She really is the Princess of LA-LA land   :o)
My 11.90 pass at SCC, in 2009.

My first real drag car, had a lot of fun racing this car in the UK, Belgium and Norway.
After running a PB of 11.90 at SCC in Norway in 2009, I sold the car to fund my next project.
While I enjoyed racing on the track I also wanted something I could drive on the street if I wanted to.