Sunday, October 13, 2013

With the recent passing of Doug Gordon everyone at Gasser Garage thought that the upcoming Cal Look Drag Day would be a good opportunity to show our own respects to Doug, in the best way we know how, racing an Underdog.
So Underdog 1 was chosen and readied to make a few passes in Dougs honor, Russell also had the idea that it would be cool to see as many people in the Underdog t'shirts as possible throughout the day, he generously gave them out to anyone who wanted to participate in Dougs remembrance and it was great to see bright orange throughout the pits and in the stands and staging lanes all the time racing was on.
At the end of the day we gathered as many people who were wearing the Underdog shirts as possible and along with the car had our own brief Doug Gordon Memorial.
This is the photo of that moment, the commentators mentioned Doug throughout the day and his part in creating the VW racing scene that we all still enjoy today, hopefully he was smiling down watching the dog get driven in the way it was always intended.

Underdog at Cal Look Drag Day, Shakespeare Count Raceway, Oct 2013 (+pla...