Monday, February 20, 2012

Another missing piece arrived today,

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Now the snow has finally gone, the '71 is out of it's storage, ready to start swapping the wheels over. But we have a bit of a problem the locking wheel-nut tool is missing!!! :(

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

First job today was to set the end play after the 2nd attempt we ended up with 0.005 thou, which is perfect for this, next to go on would be the clutch.
Here's the Stage 1 clutch cover and Super Daikin Disc about to go onto the engine, as the gearbox uses the late style release bearing I had to remove the centre from the cover.
I am using one of Fast Fabs Oil Filter Head Mounts, this had manufacturing flaw so was rejected for retail, but will do perfectly for this car.

Here's the heads and manifolds, heads have 60cc in them at the moment and we are aiming for 10.5:1 compression.
Pistons already have a small notch in them so I need to get the heads fly cut down to 49cc to get the compression we want.

These are the wheels as I got them, the 145 XZX Michelins will be perfect for the front of the car, they were on the Gold car when it was first shown and have been waiting for the correct car to be used on ever since.
Going to use these Fast Fab T'bars as the car is a 1200 model so factory with blade bumpers, thinking about powder coating them to make them fit the rest of the car better, as these isn't really any chrome or shiny stuff  :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Engine spec for the '71 Bug will be, 2276cc
New Mag case
Scat 82mm Crank
Scat 5.4 rods
Genuine VW Flywheel - lightened and 8 dowelled
Mahle 94 b's (from my Red Bug)
Steve Tims Stage 2 heads with Skat Trak IDA manifolds (Thanks to Dean Kirsten)
Engle FK8
Scat 1.4:1 Pro Rockers
Scat Lifters
Empi 3.5 qt sump
Kennedy Stage 1 and Super Daikin Disc
Black Ceramic coated header with Raw Dual Mufflers (to allow us to make them fit the car)
Shadeck 26mm Oil Pump, tapped for full flow, with Scat full flow cover
IDA's (un-decided if to use Italian or Spanish)
German 009 Distributor and Blue coil
Finally made a start on the short-block, for the '71 Bug.

Not a bad afternoons work :o)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thanks to Pete @ CogBox for machining my case for 94's, this will be for my own, 2nd engine build, this time it's going to be a 2276cc.
Again with Steve Tims heads, FK8 Cam, Real Skat-Trak Manifolds with IDA's and this will be going in my '71 Late Looker that I bought less engine last year.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Engine freshen up time, Ali rods have a un-predictable life span so they are changed every year.
There is still developement in rod design and this years version is over 60g lighter.